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woodshop 8 by the__photographer

OK. This is how this works. You click the photo to go to the Woodshop photo album and then while weeping that you weren’t there, continue to  browse the fermented pornography. I made it through about 4.5 hours of it this year…which is true endurance let me tell ya!


Hundreds of people converging at Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens to help decide which of 40 homebrewers get to brew a beer with Stone.

Two members from our local homebrew club were in the running so several of us went down to support them (and also to sample the quality of southern california homebrew…which needless to say, is pretty frickin’ high).  I hadn’t been to Stone in quite awhile and I was reminded of just how beautiful a place it is to sit with a beer on a nice day.

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Some photos and opinions:

I’ve posted some photos from a recent trip to Disneyland below.

Things have been busy. I whittled Jonathan Gold’s list of the best 99 restaurants in the LA Weekly to 25.

Amanda and I are determined to go to 1 a week. Last week’s choice was Casa Bianca for what was clearly the BEST pizza in Los Angeles.

This weekend (among other fun things we did), we hit the TWO local “craft beer” bars in our neighborhood. The Verdugo and El Prado. It’s as if high-end beer bars are the new wine bars now. I love it though. I mean REALLY good beers. Yum.