Fuck Yeah Fotos!

Extraordinary how potent cheap music is.”
Noel Coward

So…my report from the F*** Yeah Fest.
I probably enjoyed last year’s version a little more (but mainly because it was my first one). I only ended up going to the Sunday show because I’ve already seen many of the Saturday bandsLavender Diamond (la), Times New Viking (dayton, oh), Busdriver (la), The Mai Shi (la). The one band I wished I HAD seen on Saturday though was Wooden Shjips (sf).

On Sunday, there were a number of decent bands I skipped because I saw them last year at FYF3. Some of these included Midnight Movies (la), Foreign Born (la), Darker My Love (la). Though I almost went to check out Midnight Movies again just because their singer is totally great looking! The girl I was with didn’t think that was such a good reason. The only band I missed that I kinda wanted to see was Abe Vigoda (chino, ca).

I ended up seeing Best Fwends (Ft.Worth, TX), Great Northern (la), No Age (la), XBXRX (oakland, ca), Pissed Jeans (allentown, pa), Jay Reatard (nashville, tn), Indian Jewelry (texas? la?) and Deerhunter (atlanta, ga) as well as bits and pieces of some others.

So first, let me put up two You Tube videos of the most manic acts I saw. The “math-punk” of XBXRX pigs wear blue and the lo-fi punk-pop of Jay Reatard playing on a Philadelphia street. Indian Jewelry were also cool as hell and now when I reflect upon it, I really liked Pissed Jeans too…and Great Northern sound like the rock stars I suppose they are by now. I guess I had a good time!

When I was living in Philly, it was musically off the map. Now it’s musically “hot” (is it still?)…yet at least as a small consolation, I now live in another “hot” musical neighborhood Silverlake, CA.

Disobey the orders below (by clicking the sign) to see pictures.

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